Five Titans perish as submersible explodes

The Titanic submersible that’s been missing for days suffered a catastrophic loss of pressure that imploded the vessel, killing all five passengers onboard, the Coast Guard said Thursday.

Coast Guard Rear Adm. John Mauger said a remotely operated vehicle, ROV, had discovered a portion of the Titan roughly 1,600 feet from the bow of the Titanic wreck on the sea floor.

“The debris is consistent with the catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber,” Mauger said at a news conference. “Upon this determination we immediately notified the families.”

Just before the news conference, an OceanGate spokesman told The Washington Post that the passengers “have sadly been lost.”

The Coast Guard announced Thursday that a debris field was discovered within the search area.

An ROV found the tail cone of the Titan roughly 1,600 feet from part of the bowel of the Titanic on the sea floor, Mauger said. That ROV then found additional debris.
Mauger added that it’s unclear when the vessel imploded. “Right now its too early to tell,” he said.

When asked whether he thinks there should be changes in safety regulations or inspections surrounding submersibles, Mauger replied, “those questions about the regulations that apply and the standards, that’s going to be, I’m sure, a focus of future review.”

After an extensive search, the Coast Guard found debris fields that have been indentified as the Titan submersible. OceanGate, the tour company, has said all 5 passengers are believed dead. Get the latest news on the missing submersible.

The Titan: The voyage to see the Titanic wreckage is eight days long, costs $250,000 and is open to passengers age 17 and older. The Titan is 22 feet long, weighs 23,000 pounds and “has about as much room as a minivan,” according to CBS correspondent David Pogue. Here’s what we know about the missing submersible.

The search: The daunting mission covers the ocean’s surface and the vast depths beneath. The search poses unique challenges that are further complicated by the depths involved. This map shows the scale of the search near the Titanic wreckage.

The passengers are Hamish Harding, an aviation businessman, aircraft pilot and seasoned adventurer, posted on Instagram that he was joining the expedition and said retired French navy commander Paul-Henri Nargeolet was also onboard.

British Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood, 48, and his son, Suleman, 19, were also on the expedition, their family confirmed.

The CEO of OceanGate, the submersible expedition company, was also on the vessel. Here’s what we know about the five missing passengers.


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