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Kwara Chief of staff debunks media report on EFCC arrest

by Credible News
The Chief of Staff to the Kwara State Governor, Aminu Logun, has debunked media reports suggesting that he was  interrogated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC over on-going probe into financial fraud in the state. The Chief of Staff has been involved in the investigation of the activities of some past officials, including the former chairman of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service, KW-IRS. Logun said the allegations in the publication in the Daily Trust Newspaper edition of November 30, 2019 captioned,  “WHY EFCC INVITED KWARA CHIEF OF STAFF, OTHERS – SOURCES”, are baseless and totally  untrue. The publication had alleged that Prof Muritala Awodun, erstwhile Executive Chairman, KW-IRS, had given him some money to help influence the extension of his tenure at KW-IRS. This allegation and variants had featured in social media publications in the past few days. Logun said: “I state unequivocally that at no time did Prof Awodun give me any money for the claimed purpose or for any other purpose whatsoever. Similarly, I was not involved in any funnelling or distribution of money from KW-IRS and/or any other source for any political campaign or political party. All the stories and theories in the media concerning those allegations are baseless and totally untrue”. The Chief of Staff admitted visiting the  Ilorin Zonal Office of the EFCC, but noted that every public official has an  obligation to the state to assist in the investigation of any crime. “I am no exception, hence my first and only appearance on November 26, 2019 to answer the EFCC summon to volunteer information as I know it. “However, my visit to the EFCC has been given several misleading interpretations, especially on the social media where some persons are unfairly using that to smear my hard-earned image. I understand this is one of the burdens of being in public office”, he stressed.  
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