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Ex-Ghana president, Mahama decries insecurity in ECOWAS region

by Credible News

The former Ghanaian president, John Mahama has blamed the insecurity in the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, region on ideological brainwashing.

Mahama in an interview in Lagos said: “There is ideological brainwashing where these terrorist groups are actively recruiting young people into their ranks, brainwashing them, using them to achieve the objective of terror they have set for themselves”.

He further said: “But then this young people are available only because they feel marginalized and there is no hope on the horizon for them. They don’t see themselves as being able to get any meaningful employment to be able to live a dignified life, raise a family, look after their children and so they become easy prey for recruitment into terrorist organizations. There is an angle of it too that is created by climate change and increase in population pressure”.

Mahama commended ECOWAS for integrations recorded so far in the region. He noted that ECOWAS has achieved some forward movement in terms of integration. “For instance, when you tell people that for four decades now or more, we are able to travel into each other’s countries without visas, they will find it surprising. When I tell my South African brothers and others that since the 1970s we were able to travel and live 90-day free without visas in each other’s country they find it very surprising,” he said.

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