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Queens College pleads for erring student

by Credible News

Still smarting from the aftermath of media reports on one of its students who was denied entry for fixing eyelashes, the management of Queen College, Lagos, has intercede on behalf of the student.  

The management of the school has enjoined social media users to pull down videos and pictures of the erring student.

Social media users condemned the action of the student’s mother who had gone to fight with the security guards for denying her daughter access to the school.

The management also pleaded on behalf of the pupil to delete the uploaded pictures and videos as they are capable of causing harm to her reputation in the future.

A statement from the management of the school reads: “The school and concerned people hereby appeal to bloggers and influencers that have used the video and picture content of the minor on their various social media handles and platforms or news portal are enjoined to pull down the girl child and protect this minor as she remain a child, and it is our right to continue to protect the child rights”

It further said, “In as much as the school, the security, the parents and society may have all got it wrong. The minor is the subject and must always be protected regardless and there are better ways to reconcile issues as such instead of wasting the dirty linen in public”.

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