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Lawmakers are nationalists, says Lawan

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Senate President, Ahmad Lawan has emphasised the resolve of the ninth National Assembly to unite for the pursuit of national interest irrespective of the fact that its members are from different political parties.

Lawan, who spoke at an end of year dinner and award night organised by members of the University of Maiduguri Alumni Association said legislators have chosen consciously to be united in promoting national interest.

“It doesn’t matter what our platform is. You can be an APC member of the National Assembly. You can be a PDP member. In fact you can be a YPP member.

“This ninth National Assembly, particularly the Senate, our platforms have conveyed us. We are grateful to our parties. We believe in the ideals of our parties but we have resolved to work for Nigeria,” was quoted in astatement by his Special Adviser on Media, Mr. Ola Awoniyi.

The Senate president said the legislature is the most misunderstood arm of government because it is the youngest.

He said the current National Assembly believes that Nigeria should be made a safer country with its economy working for Nigerians.

“All of us here are privileged. Some are more privileged than others but the fact remains that those who are disadvantaged are outside there.

“They are in villages, slums and in the cities. We have to work to make live better for them. It is our duty and mandate to work so hard regardless of our political platforms.

“We have also said we will work with the executive arm of government to ensure that there is some decency in what we do; that we are productive in what we do. That we are able to give Nigerians what they voted for.

“Nigerians did not vote for us to come and fight. Nigerians voted for us to come and work for them,” Lawan stressed.

The Senate president said the resolve to collaborate on national issues notwithstanding, “we are not going to allow the executive to take advantage of us.

Lawan paid glowing tribute to current and former vice chancellors of the school with special emphasis on Professor Jibril Aminu, who was the VC from 1980 to 1985, for his laudable policy which has “created a critical mass of academics” for the school and which his successors have proudly sustained till date.

He also congratulated the staff and particularly students who still have faith in the school despite the constant threats by Boko Haram insurgents.

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