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Adamant Shi’ites dare Police on procession

by CredibleNews

An adamant Islamic Movement in Nigeria said the police is planning to attack its Ashura mourning procession in Abuja and other cities in the northon Tuesday even as authorities insist that the movement is illegal by the laws of the land.

The Shi’ites said they have credible information that the police“will employ an extrajudicial approach to assault, arrest or kill whoever participates in the religious event.”

The Police has warned that the movement is banned any public activity by its members is illegal.

A member of the Academic Forum of IMN, Abdullahi Musa, who said this in a statement in Abuja on Monday, invited religious leaders, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, the international community, journalists and the public to monitor the conduct of the procession “in order to expose those that are so desperate to cause violence for a pittance.”

Ashura procession is an annual religious ritual marking the 10th day of the Islamic year carried out by the Shia Islamic sect all over the world. The movement said they would not allow the police to deprive them of it.

“A reliable piece of information reaching us disclosed that the Nigeria Police Force are all set to assail the upcoming processional march across the country. Preparatory to this, the source also confirmed that the police will employ extrajudicial approach to assault, arrest or kill whoever participates in the religious event,” said Musa.

He explained that the procession was held last year and ended peacefully, noting that the police were prepared to disrupt the one holding on Tuesday.

“It is worthy of note that we are Muslims, and Ashura procession in mourning is one of our religious rights. We cannot afford to allow politicians, pseudo-politicians, as well as the police to deprive us of our rights to freedom of thought and religion.” The group alleged that the police is still detaining more than 60 ‘Free-Zakzaky protesters’ among whom are young ladies and minors with life-threatening injuries since July 22 without proper medical attention, describing this as a flagrant violation of their fundamental rights

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