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Who wants to set South West ablaze

by CredibleNews

*Opinion-Criminality: There Is An Ongoing Effort To Set South-West On Fire, By Wale Adedayo

It appears there is an ongoing effort to set the South-West on fire, by politicians, who feel they have no stake in the current arrangement here. Unfortunately, a King Solomon is not on seat to act against this ungodly move to cut an innocent baby into two.

Deploying popular sentiments to sway the gullible and the not-so-gullible into believing that any act of criminality in this part of Nigeria was done by a specific ethnic group is nothing but a sure Road to Kigali.

My thoughts for several hours now had been on how to pay a befitting tribute to slain George Iwilade (Afrika) and his colleagues, who were killed in cold blood at the Obafemi Awolowo University 20 years ago. But reading the latest development about Pa Reuben Fasoranti’s daughter being allegedly killed by ‘herdsmen’ gave me serious concern about the calibre of persons parading themselves as Yoruba leaders.

For the avoidance of doubt, son of man will remain an Afenifere till death. I’ll also not be a party to an indirect seizure of an inch of Yorubaland by another ethnic group. But at a time like this, there is need for caution. A genuine Yoruba MUST pick his/her war with common sense. Why goad people into mob action, when common sense dictates otherwise?

Criminals should be dealt with. And, in this particular case, a Nigeria Police Force and DSS worth its name should NOT wait for The Presidency before they arrest those involved within 24 hours. It is very possible this will serve as a wake up call to both law enforcement agencies to act proactively before this part of Nigeria is plunged into a needless crisis.

I have no doubt there is a political move behind this attempt to label these criminal acts as the actions of a particular ethnic group. Unfortunately, the unseen hands behind this ungodly move remain persons who have little or no love for Yorubaland. They are in it for what they will get.

It is my prayer that our ancestors will disgrace them soon!

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