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Lawyers seek probe of COZA pastor

by CredibleNews

Coalition of Public Interest Lawyers and Advocates, COPA, has urged the police to  investigate  the rape allegation levelled against the Senior Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, Biodun Fatoyimbo by Mrs. Busola Dakolo, wife of inspirational artiste, Timi Dakolo.

Dakolo accused Fatoyinbo of raping her twice as a teenager.

Pelumi Olajengbesi, Leader of COPA, in a statement, described the allegation as grievous and must not be swept under the carpet.

“In our quest to build a sane nation, no stone should be left unturned; this matter must be treated with the urgency it deserves and not swept under the carpet, as has regrettably been the habit. With the provisions of Sections 4 and 24 of the Police Act, the Nigerian Police Force must urgently invite Pastor Fatoyimbo to appear before it to rest all sundry matters related to this matter. This is our demand.

“Regardless, the police must begin a thorough independent investigation of the allegations against Pastor Fatoyimbo given that rape is a criminal matter that is squarely within their purview and mandate as a law enforcement agency.

“The Nigerian Police are to whereupon make its findings public and proceed to prosecute the culprit without delay, where its investigations turn up sufficient material for a case of rape,” Olajengbesi stated.

He said no fewer than 24 public interests lawyers and advocates have volunteered to take up the case of Dakolo at no cost.

He said the decision of the lawyers to take up the matter is due to the fact that similar allegations had been levelled against the pastor in the past.

“We are mindful that such an allegation had in the past been levelled against the same individual by a plethora of women claiming to have had the misfortune of coming in contact with him.

“Any reasonable individual must deduce that there is in fact a dire concern to be put to rest here by laying the whole truth bare through proactive action.

 “The issue of rape and sexual abuse is a contextual one with a great significance in our laws and culture. “It is not just a ruthless crime but a moral impropriety that must be addressed post-haste for the culprit to face justice so the victim might find succour and respite in the sanction of the law,” he declared.

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