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Abdulrazaq promises better Kwara

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Kwara State governor, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has promised to run an inclusive and people-oriented government even as he asked Kwarans the to join hands with him in the task of rebuilding the state

Abdulrazaq, in his inaugural speech at the Government House, Ilorin, said he would not lament over the sad past but seek to build confidence that a better future is possible by creating the enabling environment to empower the people and communities.

Governor Abdulrazaq expressed understanding of what he called “legendary infrastructure deficit, decay and deprivations” in the past 16 years and charged the people towards redoubling  efforts to show the world that they know the difference between progress and stagnation.

“We all know about the now legendary infrastructure deficits, decay and deprivations that our people have endured in the past 16 years. Now that we have put our hands on the wheel of peace, progress and sustainable development, we must redouble our efforts and show to the world that we know the difference between progress and stagnation,” the Governor said. His speech fell short of specifics, he however promised that his government would create suitable environment to empower the people, improve life and society and strengthen family values.

“This is not the time to reel out a litany of what programmes and policies will be pursued by our Administration just to please the ears. What we stand for is to empower our people. Make society and life better. Strengthen family values. Improve efficiency and service delivery in our public services.

“What we have lacked before now are dependable and sustainable development plans, credible policies and policy discipline, accountability and transparency, a good sense of social justice and ability to expand social and political spaces that will promote tolerance, equality and innovation. These are areas where our government will make a difference.

“Revamp our education to produce the best minds that will in turn make Kwara second to none. Promote industry, agriculture, technology and social services and open up new vistas of opportunities that will promote the common good,” Abdulrasaq stressed.

He charged Kwarans to brace up to work for a functional state after the success of the O to ge Movement which sent the past administration packing, saying victory is only the beginning of a collective vision for a better Kwara. 

“In the history of a people, a time comes when they individually and collectively decide to take their destiny in their own hands and fashion an alternative narrative and quest for peace, progress, growth and development for themselves and future generations. Kwarans reached that decision-making point when they collectively decided to vote us into office on March 9, 2019.

“If O to ge got us through the struggle to the point of victory, and given the enormous task of reformation and reconstruction ahead, it is now time for Ise ya

“As you will all agree, there is so much to be done. These range from institutional reforms and reconstruction, infrastructural development, human capacity building, social welfare and policy reforms to other socio-economic, cultural, scientific and administrative repositioning. It is not in our tradition to shy away from challenges. We shall engage them and find solutions,” he promised.

Abdulrazaq thanked Kwarans for the confidence reposed in him in the struggle to redefine, refocus and reposition our state from abundant human and material resources with which the state is blessed. 

 His words: “This is your government, love it, hold it, pray for it and work with it so that our dreams will come true. As for me and those I will be working with, we have no other State than Kwara; we have no other dream than Kwara, and we have no other priority than Kwara. It is our home: let us build a true State of Harmony together: Iseya !!!”

Earlier in his handover speech, the immediate-past governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed,  represented by Head of Service, Mrs. Module Oluwole, prayed for protection, guidance and provision with the wisdom and the means to meet the high expectations of the people for his successor.

“As I have said at other fora, and keeping in mind that governance is a going concern, I urge you to continue where we stopped and complete the numerous ongoing projects initiated by my administration so that the people can reap the benefits,” Ahmed said.

He disclosed that the state government had just received about N5b revenue inflow in the form of tax refunds from the Federal Government and that the state is among the 21 States that met the eligibility criteria for the World Bank’s State Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability Program for Results, 2018 which qualifies the state for access up to a $750 million performance grant.

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