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Theresa May bows to Brexit, resigns

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Britain’s beleaguered Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that she will resign June 7 after lawmakers once again rejected her proposed deal setting terms for the country’s departure from the European Union.

With unsteady voice, May said in a televised statement that she would be leaving a job that it has been “the honor of my life to hold.”

Her departure comes the day after European parliamentary elections results were not due until Sunday, but May’s Conservatives faced a likely trouncing at the hands of a new Brexit party whose sole aim is to finalize Britain’s divorce from the EU.

Britons narrowly voted nearly two years ago to leave the bloc, and May tried and failed repeatedly to negotiate terms with the Europeans that Parliament would accept.

Beset by discord and division but wanting to avoid a no-deal departure, Britain blew past the original March 29 deadline for its EU exit, which is now set for the end of October.

May’s departure will trigger a party leadership contest in which any Conservative lawmaker can run. The early front-runner is Boris Johnson, a former foreign secretary and strong champion of Brexit.

May became prime minister in July 2016, and her premiership has been dogged by the so-far-unsuccessful attempt to leave the EU.

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