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APC fails in Zamfara as Supreme Court voids elections

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The Supreme Court has declared all the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party winners of governorship, National Assembly, and State House of Assembly elections in Zamfara state.

 PDP came a distant second in all the elections which saw the All Progressives Congress  winning all the seats and even producing a governor-elect.

PDP was not a party to the suit before the Supreme Court. However, the internal wrangling within APC over primary elections was challenged in court, and in a surprising judgement, the apex court declared the Party that came second the winners.

Delivering a unanimous judgment of the five-man panel led by the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Muhammad, the apex court declared the the first runners-up as the winners.

Justice Paul Adamu Galinje, who read the lead judgment upheld the decision of the Sokoto Division of the Court of Appeal to the effect that the APC did not conduct any valid primary elections in the state and as such had no candidate for any of the elections in the state.

He declared the votes polled by the APC candidates in the elections as wasted, and  that the party and the candidates with the second highest votes and the spread in the various elections were the valid winners.

All the three appeals challenging the judgment  of the Sokoto D‎ivision of the Court of Appeal were dismissed by the apex court in three judgments on Friday.

The judgments centre on the governorship, state House of Assembly and the National Assembly elections conducted in Zamfara State on February 23 and March 11, 2019.

APC candidates, including the outgoing governor of the Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari, who was elected to the Senate, had won most of the offices contested for in the 2019 elections with the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidates finishing as first runners-up in the polls.

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