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Angry Abuja residents stop Osinbajo on Airport road

by CredibleNews

Angry indigenes of Abuja Tuesday extracted a promise from Vice President Yemi Osinbajo that government will look into their grievances on alleged land grabbing.

The vice president, who was headed to Ekiti State for the launch of the National Home Grown School Feeding Scheme, ran into the protesters who barricaded the road. He came down from his car and had a chat with the irate youths who began chanting his name as soon as he was identified.

The protesters, mainly young men and some women from Gbayi village were protesting the alleged invasion of their land by the military in Gossa and urged the vice president to intervene.

Osinbajo assured them that he would meet with the village leaders to find a lasting solution to the problem even as he urged them to seek more diplomatic ways of solving issues.

Danlami Abdulgafar, among the crowd, praised Osinbajo for his humane nature and his disposition for relating with the plight of ordinary Nigerians.

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