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Politicians offered INEC bribe in Kwara

by CredibleNews

Resident Electoral Commissioner in Kwara State, Garba Madami, was tempted by unnamed politicians to rig the 2019 elections.

Madami said he was offered money but he refused the offer and stood his ground, even though it was “tempting”.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, lost the presidential, National Assembly and governorship elections. Senate President Bukola Saraki could not secure his return ticket.

Madami said he was determined to make Nigeria and INEC proud rather than amass wealth.

“There was pressure by politicians who offered me money to compromise the 2019 general election in Kwara State but I stood my ground and refused to give in. The nature of our job at the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, is too tempting.

“It is left between you and God to do the right thing and keep your integrity or compromise and lose your integrity. You may even go to jail.

“The politicians have money and some of them feel that they can buy anybody with it. It is a matter of integrity, it is left for you to be careful and work transparently to keep your integrity.

“What I did in Kwara before the elections was to go on air and tell the people that no amount of money can buy me. I made them to understand that their votes will count and was not ready to compromise,” he said.

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