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New Governors meet in Abuja

by CredibleNews

TWENTY- nine newly elected governors will Monday attend a retreat in Abuja in preparation for some of the challenges that lay-in-wait for their incoming administrations due to be inaugurated on Wednesday, May 29.

The one-day summit, which is being put together by the secretariat of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, NGF, will be attract former governors and some of their counterparts from the United States of America. Their spouses will also attend a summit.

The retreat was designed to build the capacity of the governors-elect and their spouses to develop and utilise their platforms to address critical issues affecting their states, especially social intervention issues.

A statement from the NGF Secretariat at the weekend stated that the induction programme  for newly elected and returning governor is aimed at supporting incoming governors to develop key governance and management skills that would enable them transit from campaigning to managing the processes of governance.

According to the NGF, the objectives of this induction include, preparing the governors-elect to make the most of their transition from campaigning to governing and building bridges for effective leadership; deepening their knowledge and skills on the principles of governance, as well as shaping their disposition and outlook to align with their work and motivation levels.

The NGF also said the retreat would enable governors to fully understand the philosophies, responsibilities, organisation, and cultural values, along with key processes of governance and create an opportunity for peer learning, promotion of global best practices and networking with national and global leaders.

It said the retreat would expose the governors-elect to relevant contemporary national priorities in critical sectors of the economy and drive consensus on opportunities to achieve desired outcomes.

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