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Abdulrazaq Promises Efficient Govt.

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The Kwara State Governor-elect, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has promised to run an efficient administration based on verifiable indices.

At the inauguration of an 80-member Transition Committee in Ilorin today, Abdulrazaq said the size of the committee indicates the seriousness the in-coming administration attaches to governance and its determination to adopt best practice methods.

“Some have said this committee is too large. I can as well say it is too small considering the amount of work ahead. We are at a very important threshold in the history of Kwara and we are determined to ensure a shift from the past,” he said.

He charged the committee to take its assignment seriously. “The huge margin of our victory at the polls suggests that our people are fed up with the status quo and want a new approach to governance. We therefore have a historic duty to serve their best.

“We cannot work blindly into government and believe to succeed. We must understand the current governance structure in the state. As we all know a single group of people have been controlling the affairs of our state in their own style without proper account to Kwara people in the last 16 years. 

”We have to know how much is the actual debt of the state, the present condition of the education, health and agricultural sectors. Moreover it will also guide us on how the current system works so as to be able to know where to begin, what current policy would be retained and what policy must go,” he explained.

Committee chairman, Engr. Aminu Logun said the team is expected to discharge its duty diligently to enable the in-coming government run smoothly from inception. “The composition of the committee indicates that a new sheriff will come to town soon”, he said and urged members to be “truthful, loyal and honest” on their assignments.

“The Transition Committee is not a scouting committee to suggest or recruit personnel for the governor. Ours is to highlight what needs to be done in line with the change mantra of the government. Our duty is technical and advisory to ensure a seamless transition,” Logun said.

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