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Olorode Suggests Single Tenure for Politicians

by CredibleNews

Former national commissioner at INEC, Prof. Lai Olorode has fingered the do-or-die attitude of politicians as the reason for violence which has marred elections in the country. He was reacting to the burning of voting materials by hoodlums in Benue State where about 13000 voters were disenfranchised as supplementary elections take place in 17 states.

Speaking on Channels Television, he said politicians are becoming too desperate, trying to win election at all cost including the loss of human lives. Specifically, he said the inclination for re-election has made those occupying political offices to employ every means- money, thugs and bullets to influence the outcome of elections. He suggested a single term of office for elective positions as a measure to discourage politicians from becoming too desperate.

He praised the courage of President Muhamamadu Buhari who insists that voters must be free to vote as they wish for candidates of their choice. He said there is much acrimony in the electoral process because political parties have failed to enthrone internal democracy, especially in conducting primary elections.

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