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Why Rights Activists ‘Occupy’ Abuja Road

by CredibleNews

Rights Activists, claiming a portion of municipal highways, Saturday occupied the busy Moshood Abiola Road in the heart of the FCT, Abuja, for six hours. They were calling attention to the seeming monopoly of the highways by motorists.

Skaters, dancers and cyclists blocked the road stretching from the Area 1 Shopping Mall to Area 10 by the Post Office as they had a free and exclusive use of both sides of the road. Skaters displayed their dexterity amid loud music from the box of a disc jockey. There were no fewer than 200 young people, male and female in joyous mood.

CREDIBLE NEWS noticed the presence of officials of state agencies including FCT Transport Secretariat, the Vehicle Inspectorate, the Federal Road Safety Commission and policemen who stood watch. The   ‘protest’ was mounted by a coalition of interest groups including the Cycling Association of Nigeria and Centre for Citizens with Disabilities. Using the hashtag, Open Streets Abuja, the group described itself as “a citizen-driven initiative working to change how we perceive, invest, use and experience urban roads and streets.”

Grace Damsun said the sit-out was a mild protest against the monopoly of the roads by motorists. “This show is to register the fact that the highways do not belong to motorists alone. We all own the streets and we all have a right to use them decently,” she argued. out

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