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Atiku Rejects 2019 Presidential Election Results, Heads to Court

by CredibleNews

Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has rejected the results of the 2019 presidential elections.

Atiku, in a statement personally signed by him, said the election was not free, fair and that it was full of many irregularities.

The former Vice President said: “I will challenge the outcome of the election in court. If I had lost in a free and fair election, I would have called the winner, President Buhari, within seconds to congratulate him and offer my services to help unite Nigeria by being a bridge between the North and the South,”

Specifically, he decried what he termed “the statistical impossibility of states ravaged by the war on terror generating much higher voter turnouts than peaceful states. The suppressed votes in my strongholds are so apparent and amateurish, that I am ashamed as a Nigerian that such could be allowed to happen. How can total votes in Akwa-Ibom, for instance, be 50% less than what they were in 2015,” he queried?

“Another conspicuous anomaly is the disruption of voting in strongholds of the People’s Democratic Party in Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Lagos and diverse other states, with the powers that be doing little or nothing and in some cases aiding these unfortunate situations,” he said. hideused0

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