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Saraki Concedes Defeat, Admits Fall of Dynasty

by CredibleNews

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, who suffered a crushing defeat in his bid for a third term in the red chamber of the National Assembly, has admitted the fall of the Saraki political dynasty in Kwara State.

Results from Saturday’s election showed that his challenger, Dr. Ibrahim Oloriegbe of the APC polled 123,808 as against Saraki’s 68,994 votes. All PDP candidates, like Saraki, were defeated in the contest for Senate and House of Representative seats.

Conceding defeat, Saraki, in message issued on his behalf by Prof. Abubakar Sulayman, the director general of PDP Kwara gubernatorial campaign, said: “I hereby congratulate Dr. Yahaya Oloriegbe, the Senator-elect for Kwara Central. The result of this election is indeed a painful one, but old empires disappear so the new ones may emerge and hopefully reemerge again. 

“At this level, we have steered the affair of Kwarans to where we were able to, let others take over from here. This is indeed the message our people are passing across in this symbolic moment. 

“I have no regret whatsoever. I have served my state and my country to the best of my ability. I, therefore, thank all Saraki lovers across Kwara state and our nation at large for their unwavering support. This is certainly not the end. I will always do everything in my capacity to better the lot of Kwarans.”

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